Abr 12
Viver e Saber

The workers’ struggle is historic and the conquest of this date goes back to the 1886 labor conflicts, in Chicago, when workers gathered together and took to the streets calling for reduced working shifts, from 13 to 8 hours, and the improvement of the inhumane working conditions.

The police quelled the manifestation with violence, and many workers, who were only fighting for their rights, which were unknown to the then powerful leaders, were arrested and even killed.

This deplorable event has so deeply marked the workers that from then on their conquests started to show. The Socialist Congress, held in Paris, in 1889, declared May 1 as the International Workers’ Day, in tribute to the Chicago martyrs and their labor demands.

Unfortunately the workers’ struggle goes on. Various working classes are otherwise being massacred, albeit on a more subtle level, but still inhumane, such as the teaching class in Brazil. They have to work under conditions that are far from ideal, are often under attack from the students and parents, and earn salaries that do not fit with their status as knowledge masters, who are supposed to help prepare younger generations for the future.

Everyone has a right to work, and the country needs to grow big enough in order to create the ideal conditions so that young people and adult professionals do not find themselves begging for a position.

The situation of professionals that lose their job is hopeless, especially for the over thirties. The difficulties of job placement are huge.

The hopelessness engulfs whole families which, unable to provide financial support for their members, fall apart and, in many cases, impact their children for the rest of their lives.  Being unemployed is second only to falling sick. It is therefore critical to change the cultural mindset of firing people for any reason. The suffering caused is inhumane.

All people are entitled to getting up in the morning and having a job to attend to during the day. People should not and must not engage in idle activities, since this lead to diseases which may damage life.

Salary gaps in Brazil are appalling. How well can families live on minimum wage compared to the salaries and benefits earned by House Representatives?

The only response is to go on fighting and demand for improved work conditions and better pay. The inhumane side which is currently seen in hospitals is the result of such differences. Very humble people are left to die because there are no beds available so they can be treated, while affluent people are transported in private jets to Sírio Libanês Hospital, with the people not being sure who is paying the bill.

Having that in mind, it is critical that the workers be united and demand their rights; that they vote only for those candidates willing to assume this position and not for those seeking to be elected to receive the benefits of power.

This date needs to be celebrated in respect of those who fought and lost their lives, aiming at better conditions for the workers all over the world.

Hail May Day!

Obs:Artigo em Português traduzido por Ronei de Bem.